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Teaching Dogs to Avoid Snakes

One of the most heart breaking moments I regularly encounter is comforting dog owners who have lost their beloved pet to  a snake bite. This often occurs after they have already paid the vet between $4000 - $7000 in treatment but it is often too late. Even if your dog survives, Australia has the most venomous snakes in the world and their venom is so potent, that it can affect the quality of life your dog will have forever. Don't take any risks with your pet. Teach your dog canine snake avoidance as soon as possible.  Book in through our bookings page or call 0491 120 668 now! Learn about our different courses below.

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1:1 Dog Training

Mark Pelley offers 1:1 Canine Snake Avoidance Training for your dog. Our 1:1 clinic is offered all over Melbourne at your home. During our training session, your dog will learn to identify and stay away from snakes upon visual and olfactory (smell) contact.

Training is safe and your dog will NOT be bitten. We use a range of different species of snakes across different scenarios and locations to ensure that your dog has a thorough understanding to avoid them.

Training is reliable in that your dog will stay away from snakes when you're not around. For more information, call The Snake Hunter 0491 120 668.

Canine Snake Avoidance

Group Dog Training

Learn Canine Snake Avoidance in a group environment. Usually, up to 6 dogs can attend however depending on circumstances we can offer more dogs training at once. In group training, individual attention is still paid to each dog and furthermore they are taught to avoid snakes in a group environment also. The Snake Hunter is fully insured and registered with the Victorian Government to undertake such training. Whether you're a pedigree dog club, hunting group, security dog, a group of friends or more, our canine snake avoidance methods can help you.


Refresher Training

Once your dog has completed snake avoidance training, it can do annual refresher course. The Snake Hunter recommends to do refresher training at the commencement of each snake season (September - October).

Refresher training can occur 1:1 or in small groups. If you've already booked in a canine snake avoidance training course and want refresher training, call now on 0491 120 668

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Snake Consulting

If you have specific questions about snake avoidance training for dogs or about snake behaviour, give Mark Pelley The Snake Hunter a call on 0491120668 or alternatively go to

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