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Poodle Canine Snake Avoidance
Shadow on Concrete Wall


Poodles are without a doubt the smartest dogs on earth. Their intelligence is unmatched by other dogs and they are also hypoallergenic, and  keen people pleasers as well making them the best dogs to acquire. Currently poodles are frequently cross bred with other dogs such as cavaliers, golden retrievers etc. This page will focus on the poodle but will show videos of cross breeds of poodles too.

Official classification: Non Sporting Dog

Country of origin: Germany

Size & Weight:

Standard Poodle - 45 – 62cm, 20 – 32kg

Miniature - 28-35cm, 12 – 14kg

Toy - 24 – 28cm, 6.5 – 7.5kg


Canine Snake Avoidance

Poodles do very well at canine snake avoidance training. They learn very quickly to avoid snakes and can begin to anticipate snake movement and where to go to avoid snakes. One interesting feature about poodles that separates them from other dogs, is their intelligence. Not that we at Canine Snake Avoidance would eve rely upon this as a training method, but it appears they could almost be taught to avoid snakes by just telling them to stay away. (Note: Please never rely upon this). In other words, poodles are the perfect dog to teach anything, including canine snake avoidance.  

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About Poodles


  • Poodles are fun, Energetic, active, and athletic

  • Poodle coats are Hypoallergenic and sheds very little

  • Poodles are the smartest dogs on Earth. They have superior intelligence and are extremely trainable for almost any job.

  • Poodles can have Quirky, entertaining personalities.

  • They are loyal, People-oriented dogs, and eager to please

  • Poodles are fantastic with children, other pets and easily socialised.


  • ​Poodles require a lot of exercise and mental stimulation

  • Poodles can be Sensitive by nature.

  • Poodles can develop a tendency to bark quite a bit if not trained out of this habit

  • They are Prone to boredom and separation anxiety, with associated chewing and howling behaviors

  • Poodle Coats require regular grooming

  • Poodles are Prone to stress and can have Stress induced illnesses

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History of Poodles

Poodles love water and derived from a 19th century water hunting dog used in swamps and marshland. Poodle’s unique coats are reflective of their original water hunting purpose. The German word “Pudeln” means to splash about or in other words, to ‘paddle’ in water. Pudeln – Paddle – Poodle is the best way to understand how this dog got its name. Poodles no longer became a symbol of a dog emerging from a pool of stagnant water retrieving a shot fowl in its mouth, instead were recognised by King Louis XVI of France and became the national dog of France. For centuries, poodles were still used as waterfowl retrieving dogs but also as working dogs in the military. They have been written in history by Prince Rupert of Rhine during the English civil war and Napoleon Bonaparte spoke in his memoirs of a grenadiers pet poodle who stayed with the body of his dead master at the battle of Marengo. Historically recognised for their intelligence, poodles have been used in circuses in the past for their ability for tricks. Today, poodles are a symbol of aristocracy, fashion, style and class. There are currently three types of poodles – the standard poodle, the toy poodle and miniature poodle and for a long time, people have recognised how incredibly smart poodles are.


Poodle Appearance

Coat: Poodles are known for their plentiful curly hair (but there are straight varieties) that is thick, wooly and of even length. Colours can be white, black, brown, blue, apricot. Poodles do not shed but require regular grooming on their coats.

Head: Pooldles head are Well proportioned to the body. Muzzle is not pointed with a black nose. Lips average sized and scissor type bite.

Ears: Poodle ears are long, falling to the check and slightly slanting.

Eyes: Poodles have slightly slanted eyes with dark amber to black eyes depending upon the coat colour.

Body: Poodle bodies are slim, but well proportioned to the head. They have good and deep rib cages, straight back, slightly tucked up belly.

Gait: Elegant and graceful ‘skipping’ walk is typical of Poodles. Their gait is dainty and light.

Legs: Poodles have straight legs with muscular thighs, and small feet.

Tail: Poodle tails are often docked or undocked.

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Poodle Care

Health & Lifespan

Poodles live for approximately 12 years of age. They tend to live long healthy and happy lives as most poodles have been selectively bred to eliminate genetic issues. That said, always check for hip dysplasia, eye disorders, idiopathic epilepsy, sebaceous adenitis, von Willebrand’s disease, as well as Legge-Calve-Perthes and luxating patellas (more at risk for the toy and miniature variety). The Standard poodles are at risk of bloat.



There are over 50 styles of different recognised clips for the poodle. The curly coat needs trimming every 6 – 8 weeks and still requires regular brushing at home. Failure to do this, the poodle coat will have matting at the roots and need to be completely shaved off to start again. Because Poodle coats are non shedding, they are good for people with allergies.

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Poodle Character

Poodles are best described as people pleasers. They try their best to make their owners happy because Poodles themselves are happy, friendly dogs that love to interact with people and other dogs. Poodles can make wonderful therapy dogs due to their empathetic nature, joy of engaging with people. You cannot underestimate poodle intelligence, their sense of humor and that they are like natural born clowns. The three types of poodles are mostly similar but there are a few differences. Standard poodles are energetic and active as they have a need for a job. Miniature poodles love to follow people around and tend to be a bit more mischievous in nature and need less exercise. The smaller the poodle, the less exercise they need so toy poodles still need to be walked, are similarly intelligent but become the ultimate companion dogs.

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Exercise & Training Considerations

Poodles want to be part of your every day life and family activities. They want to travel around with you, do not like to be left alone and if so, will channel their boredom in unhealthy ways. Poodles have an astonishing capacity for tricks, trained behaviour with their incredible brains and agility. Often, first time poodle owners state that they were unnerved in realising the dog was smarter than them. Poodles have this unique capacity to attempt to figure out what you want from them, however their intelligence can translate to stubbornness if not properly used. As such, it is imperative to keep a poodle working so trick training, circus training, highest level of obedience training, agility, tracking, canine sports, water retrieving and hunting is great for these dogs.

Shadow on Concrete Wall
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The Poodle

Though classified as “non-sporting”, poodles have also been considered to be gun dogs or “water dogs”. Poodles are extremely popular because of their intelligence, good looks, and amazing temperament. Also of relevance, the dog grooming industry in the Western world is a mullti billion dollar industry, which owes a significant proportion of these funds to poodle owners. You can style your poodle coat to almost however you like and change their style the very next groom. Poodles make fantastic gun dogs but are more commonly used as family pets. Their intelligence is higher than what most can imagine and have matching amazing friendly, and eager to please personalities too.


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