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Shadow on Concrete Wall


Rottweilers are extremely beautiful and often misunderstood in society as "dangerous". While they have incredible capacity to work as a security guard, these big beautiful, intelligent, dopey dogs are among the best family dogs one could ever own. We know this, because photographed above and below is the Snake Hunter's family pet rottweiler named "Aaaliyah" who has been with us since she was a puppy. Now Aaliyah is 14 years and 5 months old (yes, you read that right) at the time of writing this web page (August 2021) and cared for wonderfully by The Snake Hunter's sister. Aaliyah is the 2nd oldest rottweiler in history. Today she mostly hangs out on her bed but is still just as loved as ever.

Official classification: Utility Dog

Country of origin:  Germany (Rottweil)

Size & Weight: Males 61 - 68 cm tall, approximately 50kg weight. Females: 56 - 63 cm tall, approximately 42kg weight.

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Canine Snake Avoidance

Rottweilers intelligence and ability to learn with all types of training makes them ideal candidates for canine snake avoidance training. Every rottweiler trained has learned to avoid snakes very quickly and remembers their training many years later with any refresher courses. Rottweilers always present a natural curiosity towards the snake, then on learning what to do (avoiding snakes) and what not to do (going near them), quickly aim to please their master/trainer in showing off their newly acquired skill set. It has not been uncommon during training for a rottweiler, to avoid the snake, then run straight to the owner to get rewarded for the great job they just did. Away from their owners, rottweilers maintain their learning to avoid snakes also.

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About Rottweilers


  • Well suited as a companion, family,  working or security dog.

  • Confident, steady, and fearless

  • Even temper and gentle disposition with family.

  • Large, strong, and athletic, with lots of stamina in cooler climates

  • Excellent guard dog and highly protective.

  • Intelligent and very easy to train.



  • Must be properly socialized as a puppy. It is irresponsible not to do so.

  • Prone to obesity: Needs regular exercise and diet regulation.

  • Easily bored or distracted if not given something to do

  • Can be strong-willed, is sensitive, matures slowly

  • Territorial with larger dogs, especially of the same sex

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History of Rottweilers

Rottweilers are considered to be one of the oldest breeds of dogs who’s origins date back to Roman times. The Roman war machine would use dogs both as herding and driving dogs but also had dogs in war for both sentry and battle. The army required dogs that were both tough and durable. These dogs would protect both humans and cattle and met and bred with native dogs including in the area of Rottweil, Germany where today we have the modern day Rottweiler. Since, rottweilers were used for centuries as drover dogs for cattle moving herds between pastures and protecting from external threats. Following there were draught dogs and their name allegedly means: "Rottweil butchers dog". Throughout the centuries, they also have also always been used as a guard/watch dog.

Rottweilers were officially recognised as a breed standard in 1901. In the build up to World War I, there was an increased demand for police and military dogs and their need continued throughout World War II. During this time, Rottweilers worked in multiple roles including messenger, ambulance, guard and draught dogs.  Today, rottweilers are still used for guarding, but also have adopted well as a fantastic family dog, have been used as guide dogs and were used as search and rescue dogs in disaster sites such as Oklahoma City and the World Trade Centre.


Rottweiler Appearance

Coat: Short haired, close lying, compact with undercoat, dark with tawny markings.

Head: Large, broad skull, muzzle strong, tip of nose black, scissor type bite.

Ears: Set up high, triangular and drooping.

Eyes: Almond shaped. Very dark brown.

Body: Deep ribs, well developed belly. Powerful, muscular. Well balanced.

Gait: Good runner. Supple. Lively.

Legs: Strong muscular legs, hind legs slightly bent. Feet are round.

Tail: Usually docked but longer tails are becoming more popular with Rottweilers.

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Rottweiler Care

Health & Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Rottweiler is 8 – 10 years. The author of this book at the time of publication has a Rottweiler that is 14 years and 3 months old. Rottweilers are generally a relatively healthy and disease free breed of dog, however like most large dogs, they can be prone to hip dysplasia, dilated cardiomyopathy, and osteochondritis dissecans (affects shoulder joints due to rapid growth). Rottweilers tend to be prone to osteosarcoma and are more susceptible than other breeds to parvovirus. Rottweilers can easily be overfed and under exercised so are prone to obesity. This can lead to serious diseases such as arthritis, breathing difficulties, diabetes, heart failure and reproductive problems. Rottweilers can also overheat quickly if they are too fat.



Rottweilers shed more than you would anticipate. They have a double coat with a medium length outer coat of straight dense hair lying flat on the body, and a soft downy undercoat. Rottweilers are easy to groom, they require regular brushing and only need to bathe when dirty or smelling bad.  

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Rottweiler Character

Rottweilers are highly intelligent, good natured, placid in disposition and are very devoted to their owners and family. They are eager to work and are self assured, steady and fearless. Rottweilers have excellent alertness and display an even tempered disposition.

Rottweilers can tend to be aloof with strangers and tend to have a wait and see attitude to influence the environment. These dogs instinctively protect the home and family and demonstrate a sturdiness and adaptability to different situations. They have a willingness to work and like all utility dogs, can be considered to be an “all purpose dog”.

Exercise & Training Considerations

Rottweilers are very intelligent, muscular and are big dogs that are extremely capable. Rottweilers instead need to be socialised very well as a puppy and must be well trained. They have strong protective instincts and their own independent judgement when they perceive their family or owner is threatened. Rottweilers require consistent structured training throughout their lifetime. They can do brilliantly at obedience, competition, protection, agility, carting, herding and therapy dog work as well as being great family dogs.

Shadow on Concrete Wall

The Rottweiler

Rottweilers evidently display abundant strength, a black coloured coat with rich tan markings. They are a well balanced, powerfully appearing dog which is well suited for a multitude of roles. Rottweilers are infamous for being highly intelligent although any owners can tell you that despite their intelligence, males can have an occasional ‘dopey’ appearance (but don't let that fool you as to what this dog is truly capable of).


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